I was so thrilled when Amy and Allan contacted me and told me that (after a few reschedules) they decided to schedule a small ceremony & reception at Sparrow Hill in Adamsville, PA. I was so excited to see them, spend the afternoon with their family and fun fact - the owners of Sparrow Hill used to be solely photographers and photographed mine and Forests wedding 6 years ago! So it was a nice reunion getting to see Jeanette (One of Sparrow Hills owners) and taking a tour of their beautiful property!

I felt like I said it a MILLION times but I'll say it one more...we had the PERFECT weather for their big day! Not too hot, not too cold and just look at those fluffy clouds behind their ceremony site! Couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day!

Amy & Allan - Thank you guys so much again for having me take part in your special day! Wish you both years and years of love and happiness.