Love has a way of finding its path, and for Adam and Bethany, it led them to an enchanting engagement session that began at Lanterman's Mill and culminated at the picturesque Cinderella Bridge in Mill Creek Park.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow, Adam and Bethany's love shone even brighter. Their smiles, laughter, and shared moments captured the pure joy of two souls destined to spend their lives together.

It's been a true pleasure to witness and document the love story of Adam and Bethany.

As we wrapped up this engagement session, it was clear that Adam and Bethany's love was a story waiting to be told, and I'm honored to have been chosen to tell it through my lens. I look forward to capturing their wedding day, where their love story will continue to unfold, surrounded by the beauty of Mill Creek Park.