This past summer I came to Forest with an idea for my Holiday Mini Session. I told him I wanted a triangle shaped house like structure. This is how the conversation went...

Forest: How tall would you like it built?

Me: Big enough for adults.

Forest: How wide where you thinking?

Me: A few people wide.

As you can see I gave him zero information to work with...except I wanted a triangle. I'm so grateful that he was able to make my dream become a reality with zero information.

I try to do Minis the first weekend in November, but with how crazy my Fall was and then taking an out of town trip...I decided it would be best to move them to the second weekend in November. Welp. Saturdays sessions had to me rescheduled to the following weekend and it rained so much that we had to move my structure to higher ground. Also, it was the COLDEST temperatures I've ever done sessions in. Everyone was a trooper and both days were booked solid! Very thankful for my families being so flexible this year.

Below is a sneak peek of all of the fun we had!