Having a sunflower patch has always been something that I really wanted to add to our property. We have a big yard and as someone that LOVES flowers I couldn't see a better way to use some of our land. During the Covid shut down I, along with a lot of other people, were out of work and I finally had time to plan! During the shut down I was able to Youtube and take classes about how to plant a sunflower field. I had to find the right seeds, work up the soil, fertilize, there was a lot more to it then I originally planned. It took weeks of my dad and I using two rototillers or break up the new ground.

I was able to find seeds from a local store Mijavec Feed and Supply. There only a few miles from the house and were such a great resource!

Then, I waited and waited. I was so excited when my field started to grow. Sure, I didn't use enough fertilizer and they looked like daisy's more than sunflowers and the back half of the field was shaded by our woods and never grew...BUT! It was a great first year!