I think a lot of photographers where born with a camera in hand. I considered a variety of careers before I landed on photography. I remember wanting to be a ballerina (I have really bad balance and zero coordination), join the Air Force (thyroid problems disqualify entrance in to the Military) & lastly my favorite - a Marine Mechanic. Yes friends, I wanted to go to school to learn how to fix boats and live on a coast...Still kind of wish I pursed that when Ohio weather is in full swing. But I digress! I remember starting my degree in fall of 2009. College was long hours, a lot of studying but still after not passing my portfolio review to take my upper division classes I was passionate more than ever to make this my career. I definitely took "the scenic route" to starting this little business of mine.

February 16th, 2020 marks FIVE years that I've been Sarah Marie Studio LLC. Its been five years since I started my business with my little Nikon D7000 and a really really big dream. Reflecting on these past years I can't help but think how many important moments I've been apart of, how much I've learned and how hard I've worked. I remember being so overwhelmed that first year. I feel like in most professions you past a test (well, a lot of them) then you graduate and your qualified and in your profession. Being a photographer isn't exactly like that. Technology is continually changing, their is always a new way to outsource or automate, and if you don't have the newest best website maker and designer your out of date. ugh...I remember people asking "what do you do for a living" and answering ..photographer.. with a shrug, like I was some kind of fraud for even considering that to be my career. But- Photography is my full time job. I'm educated and passionate about it. The Youngstown area has an abundance of resources and friendly creatives willing to help and guide you. I learned in first year of my business that its ok to ask for help and their are more people than I realized rooting for my success.

I'm really at a loss for words when I look at the past five years. My business has grown in ways that I have never imaged. I was looking at old folders this morning, I've photographed countless weddings, met hundreds of families, traveled thousands of miles and have photographed in some of the most beautiful places. I'm hoping this is all a drop in the bucket to what is to come. God has blessed me immensely and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I'm so honored to have the greatest clients and have the best job in the world. If I could of told myself one this that first year it would of been to work hard, study hard and enjoy it. Thank you so much again to all of my wonderful clients, I am so thankful for all of you.